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How to be a Christian Role Model 

As Instructed by the Bible
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Kids today are bombarded by images of sex, drugs, violence, and fear. They see it on their phones, computers, in school, and on the news, they even see it in their own families. We have to be their role model. We have to show them the way, the right way, a better way, an easier way I show you how to be a good Christian role model as instructed by the bible.

Get Me to Church       
      on Time

Church can seem like a chore at times. You have to get up early, get everyone fed, hair done, dressed in their Sunday best and they don't ways want to wear what you picked out, squeeze in a few minutes to make yourself look a little more human. Just to have 5 women tell you how tired you look, Bless their hearts. But I’m here to tell you it doesn’t have to be that hard. I have some true and tested ticks that will have Sundays being your most relaxing day of the week.

A Parenting Guide to How and When to Teach your Child about                 God for ages 0-6

Learning about God and the Bible can be tricky for even us adults so the ideas of have to explain it to our toddlers can seem overwhelming. You may ask yourself where do I start?, When do I start? Will they even understand? Should I use words like Devil, death, murder, or crucifixion? These are great questions. I asked my self the same questions when I first starting teaching my children about the Lord. In this book I go over all these questions in detail with a few tip and tricks added in.

       A Parenting Guide to Teaching Children about God                 for ages 8-12

Learning about God and the Bible can seem overwhelming at times. It can seem even more overwhelming when you have to teach it to a child. In this book, I teach you how to teach your child about God. I go over learning the Bible, prayer, getting more involved in church, picking good friends and much more.