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Artist's Loft Watercolor Review

Last week I did a review on Artist's Loft Acrylic paints that I will link right HERE So this week I thought I would do a review on their watercolors. When I first started to paint with watercolors, I couldn't believe how expensive they were. Winsor Newton is one of the better brands of watercolor paints but for pan of 24 its $65.99. I do own Winsor Newton watercolor paints, but I try to only use them when I know I'm going to sell the painting or know I can paint it good. There are many times I am trying something new or just playing around and I can sometime waste more paint than I used. That is where Artist Loft watercolors come in.

I think these paints are great for people just starting out or who want to play in their sketchbooks. Ok let's talk pro's and con's


  • They are a great price

  • The colors are Vibrant

  • They blend nice

  • Come in many colors so less mixing

  • A little goes a long way


  • Comes in tubes which mean you waste more

  • The colors are a little brighter than other brands

  • You need to buy a pan to keep the colors your using

The Paints on the left are Winsor Newton and the paints on the right are Artist's Loft

In this pack you get 36 0.41 oz paints, these will last you a long time.

Here are some swatches of the colors in this pack

Closing thoughts, I like these paints and use them a lot. They are affordable, last a long time, and I love the color selection. Next week I will be doing a review on the Artist's loft watercolor paper so keep an eye out for that. If you have any question or have something you want me to review, I will try by best.

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