He Leads Me Bible Study Review

Hello and welcome to my first Bible study review. I love doing bible studies but it can be so hard to figure out if you will like it before you buy it and bible studies are not cheap. It kills me to see the pile of studies on my bookshelf that I will never do because I didnt like them. So that brings me to why I decided to do Bible study reviews. I want to help you figure out if this Bible study is right for you. I am always looking for new ones so please give any recommendations you have or tell me if there is a specific study you are interested in me doing a review on. Today I will be reviewing....

He Leads Me Bible study from The Daily Grace Co

I found The Daily Grace a few years ago and have bought a lot of their studies. Some I loved and some I didn't but I have loved more then I didn't. This is my all time favorite study so far. I deal with anxiety pretty much on a daily basis and if you have ever dealt with anxiety you know its not easy to give your worries to the Lord and leave them there. But that is exactly what this study taught me. It goes over Psalms 23 which is one of my favorite Psalms but I never looked at it like this. It goes over how God lets you rest and let go of all your worries and reminds you that even though you go through tough times he is always there and that you will get through them. In the study they were talking about the tough times in life like saddness, depression, anxiety, fear and loss the list really could go on and on but they quoted Charles Spurgean and this has changed my life forever. So even if you don't get this study, which I still think you should please let this stay with you. It is based off the verse

Though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil; For You are with me; Your rod and Your staff, they comfort me.

"Nobody is afraid of a shadow, for a shadow cannot stop a man's path even for a moment. The shadow of a dog cannot bite; the shadow of a sword cannot kill; the shadow of death cannot destroy us." Charles Spurgean

We do not need to fear the valley of the shadow of death or any other valley this life may bring, because our Shepherd is with us and leading us right to where we need to be. I mean how powerful is that?

All of the Daily Grace books are beautifully made with beautiful photgraphs

This study, like all the other studies from The Daily Grace is broken down into weeks some are 4 some are 6 and some are 8 . This one is a 4 week study and has a lesson for you to do Monday through Friday or how ever you want to do it but either way it's 5 days per week. You read the lesson and any Bible verse they tell you to read then you anwer questions about what you just learned but it's not like a quiz, the questions are more like how can you use what you learned today? How does reading this verse help you to understand Gods character better? Stuff like that.

The only problem I do have with these studies is I wish I was doing them with someone or online or in person because there are times I dont understand what the question is asking and even thought there are no real right and wong answers I want to be sure Im understanding the message, you know what I mean? But in the end even if I dont understand the question 100 % I do get the message in the reading.

The Daily Grace does have an app you can download and through it there is a great community of other women doing these studies and it is great to go on there and see how other people liked that days lesson or any prayer requests they may have.

At the end of the week there is a weekly refelections page. This is where they ask you to paraphrase the passage from this week or ask questions like, What specific action steps can you take this week to apply the passage?

And that's it, I love how simple they are each lesson should take you only about 20 minutes a day. You will need your Bible close by to read certain verses, and you will have to use a ballpoint pen to write, otherwise it smears, but really that's no big deal. I hope and pray if you do do this study that it helps you.

Ok so closing thought I give this study a 4 out of 5 stars. I love the pictures, I love the way they explain things in the readings and I love how they don't take too much time to complete. The one thing I didn't love about it is how some of the questions were hard to answer. If you do this study please let me know what you thought of it and again if there is a specific study you would love for me to review please let me know.

If you would like to get this Bible study or see what else The Daily Grace has to offer click here

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