Tips and Tricks to getting you and your family Ready and Out the Door for Church

Church can seem like a chore at times. You have to get up early, get everyone fed, hair done, dressed in their Sunday best and they don't ways want to wear what you picked out, squeeze in a few minutes to make yourself look a little more human. Just to have 5 women tell you how tired you look, Bless their hearts. But I’m here to tell you it doesn’t have to be that hard. I have some true and tested ticks that will have Sundays being your most relaxing like a chore at times.

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I pray this book helps you and your family. To learn more tips and tricks and to see other books I come out with follow me on my socials. While you are here check out my other books How and When to Teach your child about God ages 0-6 and How and When to Teach my Child about God ages 8-12

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