Writing Prompt #1

I am a non-fiction writer most of the time, but have always loved the freedom of writing fiction. Today while I was searching Pinterest for some good writing quotes to add to my Instagram this week, I stumbled across writing prompts. They are not new, infact I see them all over social media but I never took the time to actually do one. Today, as I sat in my quiet livingroom drinking my afternoon coffee I thought "why not," if I hate it no one has to ever know and if I love it then I'll share it. Since you are reading this its safe to assume I loved it.

The writing promt was:

Suddenly her phone started buzzing she looked at her phone and saw a well to known phone number. "Hello?" She asked "We need you again." said the person and hung up.

From Writing with Luna and Mia -writingwithus.blog.com

Here is what I wrote

Suddenly her phone started buzzing, she looked at the phone and saw a well known number, “hello?” she asked, “we need you again.” Said the person and hung up. All the air rushed out of her, it felt like her heart had just stopped “no” she whispered, still trying to process what had just happened. It had been 12 years since she walked away.

“How did they find me?“

What a silly question she thought, of course they would have kept tabs on her. You don’t just let the best agent you ever had leave and disappear. She looked around her house, her home. Her daughter was sitting on the living room floor playing with her dolls. Her husband was in the kitchen making dinner. He loves to cook, he thinks he's the next bobby flay.

"How can I leave all this, how am I going to say goodbye, again?“

"Who was that on the phone?" he asked.

“Wrong number” I said.

That night I stood over my daughter’s bed just looking at her trying to memorize every detail of her face. She will never know the real reason I left. Will she hate me? Will she ever forgive me? How could she? I would never forgive, then again I’m a lot more broken than she is. She has the purest heart.

I leave my wedding band next to our picture by the side of the bed. She grabs the picture to get a better look. It really was the perfect day. She reads the engraving, "Jim and Diana June 13, 2023." She looks over at him and thinks how he doesn’t deserve this, he deserves answers. A real goodbye, but she can’t, that’s just not how it works. Just as she opens the door to leave a black car pulls up.

She can see an older gentlemen in the driver seat, she walks up to the car and gets in the front passenger side “Hello Arendel.”

“Hello Charles, right on time like always."

“You know how I feel about tardiness miss.”

“Yes, Charles I remember." she says with a loving smile.